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LT-JJ80 cabinet door hinge comprehensive test machine

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Door hinge durability test instrument / metal testing machine / cupboard hinge durability test equipment

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It can be tested in the installed products, firmly connected with all kinds of hinges and shall not produce any force affecting the test.The finished cabinet door can also be tested directly
  • The pull length angle of the testing equipment can be adjusted according to the actual testing requirements, and the angle can be adjusted at 0-180 ℃
  • The whole machine is stable and beautiful, without exposed moving parts, and easy to operate.
  • suitable for testing cabinets of different heights
  • Easy to operate and reliable

Product Details

Product description

This machine is suitable for testing the vertical static load, horizontal static load, operation force and durability of the finished hinge and semi-finished hinge of the cabinet door.Open and close the hinge repeatedly in the process of simulating normal use, and check whether the hinge exists after cycling for a certain number of times In case of damage or other conditions affecting use.

Compliance with standards

I. Standard: QB / T 2189-2013 durability test in furniture hardware cup dark hinge optional test other items are as follows                             


   1.Operating force (not included, optional)

   2.Vertical static load (not included, optional)

   3.Horizontal static load (not included, optional)

II. Standard: 7.1.4 durability test of sliding door in GB / T 10357.5-2011 III. technical 

Technical Parameters

1.Test speed: 1-18 times / min (adjustable)

2.Test station: it can move left and right, suitable for the cabinet with left or right door, and can be used for the test of finished cabinet door or single product hinge (tooling required)

3.Test tooling: detachable, movable up and down, the test door meets the standard requirements (as shown in the figure below) and is suitable for testing cabinets of different heights(maximum sample: 1800 * 1900 * 550mm)

4. test angle: servo 0-180 ° adjustable.

5. drive: high precision servo motor

6. machine frame: high strength industrial aluminum profile 80 * 80mm

7. Load weight: 1kg, 2 pieces

8. Loading: 0 ~ 500N, (load shutdown can be set, only for evaluation)

9. Absolute error of measured stroke: ≤± 0.25m

10.Travel control range: 0.05-99.9km scale: 0.25m

11.Absolute error of measurement time: 0.1s

12.Durability test: place a certain load on the cabinet door and hinge, conduct repeated opening and closing actions, and check whether the hinge can meet the use requirements after a certain number of cycles.

13.Vertical static load: hang the specified load at 100mm away from the side farthest from the cup-shaped concealed hinge, and open and close the door 10 times, each time from 45 degrees to 10 degrees from the fully closed position, one cycle of reciprocating is not counted once, and the maximum opening angle is 135 degrees from the fully closed position.

14.Control mode: PLC + human machine interface

15.Boundary dimension: length: 2060mm × width: 1500mm × height: 2600mm

16.Horizontal static load: in the fully open position of the door, apply the specified load perpendicular to the direction of the door plane away from the cup-shaped dark hinge On the horizontal center line 100mm from the side, the test shall be carried out for 10 times, and the inspection shall be carried out after the test is completed and unloaded.                            

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