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LT-JJ80-2 Double station cabinet door hinge comprehensive test machine

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Hinge comprehensive test machine can test either installed hinge parts or the hinge on the finished cabinet door
  • The pull length angle can be adjusted at 0-180 degree
  • Double stations can save time and improve the efficiency
  • Grace design make it look beautiful, besides it's very easy to operate
  • Use good quality on each parts which will make it very stable and reliable

Product Details

Product description

This machine is suitable for testing the vertical static load, horizontal static load, operation force and durability of the finished hinge and semi-finished hinge of the cabinet door.The hinge is repeatedly opened and closed in the process of simulating normal use. After a certain number of cycles, check whether the hinge is damaged or other conditions affecting use.

Compliance with standards

QB-T 2189-2013 furniture hardware cup dark hinge 

Technical parameters

1.Test speed: 1-15 times / min (adjustable)

2.Test angle: 1-180 ° (adjustable)

3.Load weight: 1kg, 2 pieces

4.Number of workers: double station

5.Standard door: 700 * 600, 2; 500 * 400, 2

6.Control system: PLC + human machine interface

7.Power supply: 220V, 15A

8.Boundary dimension: length 1200 × width 1080 × height 1400

9.Test tooling: detachable, movable up and down, the test door meets the standard requirements and is suitable for testing cabinets of different heights (the maximum sample is about 1800 * 1900 * 550mm, which can be customized).

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