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LT-JJ15-1 Slide track durability tester for office desk

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sliding rail life test instrument / Slide Runner durability test machine / universal tensile tester

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Force sensor and PLC control force value
  • Ball screw manual control of working height
  • Imported brand pneumatic accessories and cylinder products
  • Work long hours without attended
  • Good quality and reliable

Product Details

LT-JJ15-1办公桌抽屉滑轨耐久试验机1 -1000.jpg

LT-JJ15-1 Slide track durability tester for office desk


The product description:

This machine is suitable for testing the durability of the slide rail of the drawer installed on the furniture. It can also set the force value for destructive experiment and measuring the push and pull of the drawer. Mainly for the drawer life test, to let the work drawer in the set travel, the number of times and the interval of time to stop the destructive life test to determine the damage of the product.


Technical parameters

1. Tensile displacement: cylinder: 0-600mm or electric cylinder: 0-500mm

2. The height of the test drawer: 150 ~ 1200mm adjustable

3. Loading strength range: 500N, (can be set load stop, for decision)

4. Speed: cylinder or electric cylinder: 5-15 times/min

5. Absolute error of measured stroke: ≤±0.25m

6. Stroke control range: 0.05 ~ 99.9km scale 0.25m

7. Absolute error of measurement time: 0.1 second

8. Test items:

Durability test: put a certain load in the drawer, repeatedly pull out and close the drawer, cycle a certain number of times, check whether the slide can also meet the requirements of use.

Destructive test: a certain force value is applied to the furniture parts to check whether the furniture parts are damaged under a certain load.

9. Volume: 800*600*1200mm (W*D*H)


Conform to the standard

QB/T 10357.5-2011, QB/T 2454-2013, BIFMA X5.5-2008


Product features

1. Force sensor and SCM control force value;

2. Trapezoidal screw manual control of the height of the working position;

3. Imported brand pneumatic parts and cylinder products;

4. Text display and PLC programming control;

5. Can work for long hours without supervision.

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