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LT-JJ10-A Comprehensive Mechanics Testing Machine For Furniture

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Furniture comprehensive durability testing equipment / mechanical testing machine / tensile strength testing equipment

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The horizontal/vertical movement of the mechanical furniture integrated testing machine beam is pneumatic or electric, and the force adjustment is performed by the Japanese SMC servo proportional valve (including Other mechanical test equipment)
  • According to the requirements of the test project, sufficient tooling, fixture, loading pad, loading module, weight, sandbag, block, etc., fixture can realize quick disassembly Equipped with certain versatility
  • Beautiful and elegant appearance: fully hidden wiring, to prevent leakage in the operation process and any power system risk
  • Force sensor and digital force value display system, respectively, display the real-time force status of each channel, and have the maximum force value recording function
  • Unattended test can be realized, with automatic stop function, workpiece damage (position sensing) automatically stop the test and automatically retain the test junction Fruit. Automatic intelligent alarm for abnormal conditions and test completion

Product Details


Technical parameters

1. Load capacity: 200kg, 500kg (force value can be set)

2. Accuracy of load element: 3/10000 

3. Test accuracy: static: ± 2%; dynamic force: ± 3%     

4. Electric cylinder and cylinder loading: each cylinder has a separate proportional valve control   System. Cylinder requirements for imported brands, electrical proportional valve requirements for imports    Brand.

5. Displacement and travel: 0-300mm or 0-500mm are optional.

6. Time of various actions: 0.01-30s can be set arbitrarily.

7. Test speed: 1-30 times/min can be set at will.

8. Test times: 0-999999 can be set at will.

9. Power off memory: with stop/power off memory and stop function.   Test results will be saved automatically when the machine is shut down or out of power.

10. Stop mode: stop the machine after reaching the test number and alarm.

11. Sensors: sensors of well-known brands.

12. Computer + force sensor + encoder form force and displacement closed-loop control. Computer integrated control system, data acquisition multi-channel, control multiple channels, can control multiple test shaft at the same time, can set a cylinder or motor action alone, including single or multiple reciprocating test, can set two groups of cooperative action, reciprocating test. Each channel shall be operated through the reference synchronization time to ensure the synchronization of action and data processing. Different channel groups shall be controlled. If the sample of one channel is damaged, the related channels in the same group will stop at the same time, and the remaining channels can continue to work. It requires simple interface, complete functions, high speed response and easy operation. Accurate movement, low failure rate.

13. The control of force and displacement velocity can be realized, and the maximum and minimum life curves of displacements - time, force-time, force-displacement and force-displacement can be displayed (the change curves of maximum force and maximum displacement values of each channel in each cycle). There is no need to manually adjust the force value and displacement, the displacement offset of each time is displayed to realize intelligent integrated control.

14. KGF,kN,N, tf and LBF are available for force units.

15. The units of displacement can be selected as mm and in.

16. Each force and displacement sensor can be calibrated in 10 segments or in a single segment.

17. The report can be output into Word, Excel and PDF documents, which can be saved and transmitted    The data can be connected to the printer to print the test results.

18. The instrument shall adopt the electric ascending and descending device, left and right, front and rear free    Moving, easy to sample.

19. Each cylinder can be set up to run the steps, the steps include open loop    And closed-loop selection. Up to 150 run steps can be set up.

20. Record the curve of each cycle of each cylinder and check it when the test stops    Look at the curve for any cycle.

21. The test curve data is recorded in the database when the program does not run the test    When trying, you can call the display curve data from the database.

22. Computer software automatically servo control, the display screen to observe all the force values and offset data.

23. Parts requirements: ball screw, linear guide, bearings, relays,    Cylinder, programming control module, electrical proportional valve above the components must be     Imported parts.  

24. The machine can be tested with eight cylinders simultaneously/according to the test item or specified

25. Force and displacement can be set to display small Numbers 0 ~ 4. 

26. The impact and drop in the test item of this integrated machine can be realized by a single machine. Do not put it in the integrated machine.



GB/ T10357.1-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 1: table strength and durabilityMechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.2-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 2: stability of chairs and benchesTesting of mechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.3-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 3: strength and durability of chairs and stoolsTesting of mechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.4-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 4: cabinet stability Testing of mechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.5-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 5: cabinet strength and durabilityTesting of mechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.6-2013 mechanical properties of furniture part 6: strength and durability of single-storey bedsTesting of mechanical properties of furniture

GB/ T10357.7-2013 mechanical properties of furniture  part 7: table stability


Product Usage

This machine is a comprehensive testing machine for testing the mechanical properties of furniture. It is suitable for all kinds of tables used in families, hotels, hotels and restaurants Class, chair and stool class, cabinet class, single-layer bed class furniture factory finished products, other table class, chair and stool class, cabinet class, single-layer bed class furniture can refer to the implementation. Table,The strength and durability test of chair and stool class, cabinet class, single-layer bed is to simulate furniture in normal use and when the habit is misused, each part receives one-time or repeatable loadThe test of strength or endurance under load conditions. Basic frame size not less than: 8500mm*3200mm*2200mm (highest point 2600mm)(length * width * height). Adopt the high strength aluminum metal frame modular structure, the bottom frame USES the three-dimensional structure, the structure is stable. Base: high strength industrial aluminumProfile + gb 45 steel, thickness ≥10mm, strong magnet fixed sample. Make sure the instrument runs stably and does not vacillate. 

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