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LT-BZJ05 Mechanical vibration table

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Worktable: 500*500mm (non-standard customization)
  • Bearing weight: 60KG
  • Machine table: 500*500*820mm
  • Vibration mode: X+Y axis (vertical + horizontal)
  • Amplitude: 0 ~ 5mm (adjustable)

Product Details

LT-BZJ05 机械振动台.JPG

LT-BZJ05 Mechanical vibration table


The product description

This machine is a three-dimensional vibration test simulator. It uses a high-core vibrator, and the worktable is supported by the air spring, which can complete the IEC68-2-5/GB2423.10-81 and other standards of the test. It is the weapon to promote the user's products leap into the field of high quality. With low frequency large load design and using computer program to control the vibration frequency and vibration amplitude, the machine is suitable for industrial production, research, and test of products, such as vertical and horizontal vibration testing machine, testing products, part of the revitalization of resistance, with operating in the non-stop automatic frequency sweep, frequency, and manual operation of FM's advantages. It’s work on frequency vibration amplitude adjustment without change, the machine analogy products at every stage in the manufacture, packaging, transport, use of a variety of amplitude of the environment, and is widely used in industrial production, to the electronic, electrical, instrumentation, electrical products, such as in the Xuan vibration and vibration power frequency under the situation of the use of product performance and reliable performance, to evaluate and inspect products’ packaging, structure and firmness.


Technical parameters

1. Worktable: 500*500mm (non-standard customization)

2. Bearing weight: 60KG

3. Machine table: 500*500*820mm

4. Vibration mode: X+Y axis (vertical + horizontal)

5. Amplitude: 0 ~ 5mm (adjustable)

6. Frequency range: 5 ~ 60Hz

7. Sweeping frequency range: 5 ~ 60Hz

8. Time setting: 0 ~ 99H99M99S

9. Electric power: 2.2KW

10. Weight: 150KG

11. Power supply: 380V/ 50HZ

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