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LT-JJ29 Computerized national standard mattress comprehensive testing machine

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mattress rolling wheel test equipment / tensile test calculations / material strength test

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The equipment meets four test methods: pavement rolling durability test, soft and hard test, pad height test, edge pressing test.
  • Fully automatic test results can be achieved by computer control, and the two test modes are fully automatic operation and manual control with one click.
  • Data protection: automatically save when power is off (data can be saved automatically after power is off.
  • The software has the fatigue curve display during the rolling process of the roller, which can intuitively see the analysis of the compression fatigue of the mattress under the roller load.
  • Rolling test midpoint positioning, automatically find the midpoint of the mattress, no need manual operation again, PLC starting point positioning

Product Details

LT-JJ29-B 国标床垫滚压、压边、测高试验机(滚压+压边+测高)电脑.JPG

LT-JJ29 Computerized comprehensive testing machine for mattress (mattress rolling, pressing, hardness and height testing machine) refer to G/B standard


The product description

Mattress rolling durability test is to simulate the continuously rolling when human is sleeping. Rolling durability test is to put a rolling load module on a horizontal mattress’s loading position, and to reciprocating load the mattress with rolling at a certain frequency, which is to test the bearing capacity of mattress on long-term repeatability of rolling load. Mattress edge durability is primarily to test the durability of mattress edge. Mattress surface soft and hard test is to test the hardness of mattress, which meets the requirements of all kinds of mattress manufacturer and standard. It is used to judge the quality and service life of the mattress, and strictly comply with the requirements of the national standard for mechanical testing. Suitable for strong spring mattress, ordinary spring mattress, foam mattress, brown fiber elastic mattress.


Technical parameters

1. Control mode: computer control

2. Mattress surface durability test device:

1) mechanical device that can drive the roller to make relative horizontal movement on the surface of the mattress: the rotating moment of inertia of the roller is (0.5±0.05) Kgm2, the loading frequency should be (16±2) times /min, the static load should be (1400±7) N, and the test times are > 30000 times.

2) roller: oval shape, external dimension tolerance is ±2mm, the surface should be hard, smooth, without scratches or other surface defects, length is (1000±2) mm, friction coefficient is between (0.2 ~ 0.5), chamfering Angle of roller: R30, maximum diameter of roller: 300±1mm;

3) motor: Panasonic servo motor of Japan;

4) test trip: about 250mm of the center line of the mattress;

5) the accuracy of the force measuring device shall not be less than 1%, the accuracy of the size device shall not be less than 1mm, and the position deviation of the loading block shall be ±5mm.

3. Side durability test device:

1) loading pad size: 380*495*75mm, its surface is hard and smooth, it relates to the test equipment, which can rotate on the vertical surface around the horizontal axis;

2) vertical downward loading force: 1000N;

3) total number of tests: 5000 times;

4) holding time :(3±1) s.

4. Height measuring device:

1) height measurement accuracy: ±0.5mm;

2) height measuring pad: the measuring surface is a flat and smooth rigid cylinder;

3) diameter of measuring pad: 100mm, chamfering R10;

4) application speed of the pad: 100±20mm/min;

5) vertical downward force: apply 4N force, then the distance between the surface below the surface of the circular pad and the plate is the height of the mattress pad;

Measuring height: the height of the initial mattress surface, and after doing 100 times, 29,900 times of endurance test, respectively measuring the height of the mattress surface; Altimeter system: force value is set by software, force is applied vertically downward in the way of setting speed, and it is directly linked to PLC touch screen.

5. Hardness test device:

1) loading pad: a rigid cylinder with a smooth surface and a diameter of 355mm, whose end face is a convex sphere with a radius of curvature of 800mm and a radius of curvature of its front edge of 20mm;      

2) loading capacity: 1000N;                         

3) running speed during loading and unloading: (90±5) mm/min, the system can reach any setting of 0.01-200mm/min;

4) loading deflection curve: the relationship between the force pressurized by the loading pad on the specimen and the corresponding sag value;

5) the hardness value (Hy) of the mattress is the average value of the slope (ratio of loading force N to sag depth mm) of the loading deflection curve at 210N, 275N and 340N;  

6) hardness grade: the hardness of the product is expressed in the range of 1 to 10;     Hs=1 ~ 5 are hard mattresses (the smaller the number, the harder it is); Hs=6 ~ 10 is soft mattress (the larger the number, the softer).

6.Appearance: the main frame adopts advanced industrial aluminum profile with sectional area of 80*80mm. Sheet metal baking paint treatment for connection part;

7.Test table material: base with advanced industrial aluminum profile, the table surface is made of stainless steel;

8. Height of the test table from the ground: 180mm

9. External dimensions: 3320*2400*2280mm (length * width * height)

10. Weight: about 2.5 tons

11. Power supply and power: AC2201V 50HZ single-phase about 2KW

12. Maximum test sample range: 2400mm×2400mm×440mm

Test speed: 90mm/min; 100 mm/min

13. Hard and soft display: Numbers and words.

14. Program screen can choose simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English.

15. Force and displacement speed can be controlled, and displacement, it can display time, displacement, force - displacement maximum and minimum force and life curve (each time in a loop, the change curves of the maximum force and maximum displacement of each channel.

16. KGF, LBF, KN, N are available for strength units.

17. Each force and displacement sensor can be calibrated in 10 segments, or single segment correction is used.

18. The report can be output into Word, Excel, and PDF.

19. The test curve data will be recorded in the database. When the program does not run the test, the display curve can be called from the database.


Conform to the standard

The instrument conforms to GB/T 26706-2011 "soft furniture brown fiber elastic mattress"; QB/T 1952.2-2011 soft furniture spring soft mattress; BS EN 1957:2012 requirements for mechanical testing.

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