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1 cubic formaldehyde climate box / LT-JJ39 formaldehyde climatic chamber

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Cold and heat counter temperature-regulating water tank: temperature control and stability
  • High quality refrigerator: stable operation, long service life
  • Protection device: high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm
  • Protection device: high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm efficient dry moisture proportional control method: high control accuracy
  • Ultra-low background concentration control: background concentration control is our advantage, the absolute value is low, keep for a long time, long-term use does not rebound, low maintenance cost

Product Details


1 cubic formaldehyde climate box / LT-JJ39 formaldehyde climatic chamber


The product description

This machine is suitable for the determination of formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panels, composite wood floors and other interior decoration materials, and the constant temperature and humidity balance treatment of wood or wood-based panels. It can also be used for the detection of volatile harmful gases in other building materials.


Conform to the standard

This product technical performance pointer in line with the following national standard.

GB 18580-2017 "Limits of Formaldehyde Emission in Interior Decoration Material Wood-based Panel and Its Products"

GB/T11718-2009 "medium density fiberboard"

GB5849-2016 "joinery board"

GB/T9846.1 ~ 9846.8-2015 "plywood"

GB/T15102-2006 "Impregnated plastic film paper veneer wood-based panel"

The product appearance is beautiful and generous, and the production is excellent, the detection. The control system is reliable.


Technical parameters

1. Product Model: LT - JJ39

2. Climate box volume: (1±0.02) m³

3. Temperature adjustable range: (15~40) (temperature deviation ±0.5)

4. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5

5. Humidity adjustable range: (30~80) % R.H. (adjustment accuracy: ± 3% R.H.)

6. Humidity fluctuation: ±3%RH

7. Air exchange rate: 0.2~2.0 times/hour

8. Air displacement: 0.5~1.5m³/h

9. The air flow rate is 0.1-0.3m /s

10. The experimental temperature was 23±0.5

11. Experimental humidity :45%±3%RH

12. Sampler pumping speed (L/min): 0.8~2.5 adjustable, accuracy: ±1.5%

13. Formaldehyde background concentration: 0.006mg/m3

14. The relative positive pressure is maintained at 10± 5Pa

15. Internal material: SUS304 stainless steel fillet corners

16. The exterior material: painted

17. Insulation thickness: 100mm

18. Power supply: AC 220V 16A/ 50Hz

19. Start power: 3KW

20. Operating power: 1.5KW

21. External dimension: about (W960*D1500*H1460) mm (subject to the real object)

22. Humidifying water: distilled water

23. Ambient temperature: 15 ~ 40

24. Ambient humidity: ≤ 90%RH


Product features:

1. The touch screen is used as the dialogue interface for personnel to operate the equipment, which is intuitive and convenient. It can monitor and record all the indicators in the cabin in real time. Special-purpose control software can be configured to realize system control, program setting, historical data playback, fault recording, alarm setting and other functions in addition to touch screen functions.

2. The equipment adopts industrial modules and imported programmable controller, with good operation stability and reliability, which can ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment, improve the service life of the equipment, and reduce the operation cost of the equipment. It has the fault self-check and prompt function, which is convenient for the user to understand the operation of the equipment. It is also simple and convenient maintenance.

3. The control program and operation interface are optimized and designed according to the relevant test standards. It is simple and with convenient operation, advanced heat exchanger technology of high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature gradient.

4. Cold and heat against temperature control tank: stable temperature control.

5. It has advanced humidity, temperature, and humidity sensor. The sensor has high precision and stable performance.

6. High quality refrigerator: stable operation, long service life.

7. Protection device: high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm

8. Protection measures: Compressor also has overheated, overcurrent, overpressure protection measures, the whole machine safe and reliable operation.

9. Stainless steel inner chamber: The constant temperature chamber adopts mirror stainless steel, and the surface is smooth, with no condensation, no formaldehyde adsorption, to ensure the detection accuracy. The constant temperature box body is made of hard foaming material, and the door of the box is made of silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good heat preservation and sealing performance. The box is equipped with a forced air circulation device (forming a circulating air flow) to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the box are balanced and consistent.

10. Ultra-low background concentration control: Background concentration control is our advantage, with low absolute value, long retention time, long-term use without rebound, and low maintenance cost.

11. Efficient dry-moisture proportional humidity control method: high control precision, short balance time, the time used is half of the conventional, low energy consumption.

12. The product failure rate is very low, and the average initial maintenance interval is more than 3 years.

13. Environmental protection and energy saving: The installed power is about 60%~80% of the average level of the industry. The SCR and frequency converter are generally used to save energy and reduce consumption and optimize the design.

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