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Why do we need environmental testing equipment

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Industrial products in the manufacturing, handling, storage, application will face a variety of different temperature and humidity, climate and external conditions.And the physical and mechanical properties of the product and even chemical properties of the change.This can make the product lose effect, reduce the value or create danger!Therefore, countries around the world have developed various test specifications for different products, so that buyers and sellers can reach a consensus;In product design, research and development, incoming material, delivery inspection to achieve quality assurance.Such tests are called reliability or trustworthiness tests.

The so-called environmental test equipment is: simulate various natural environmental conditions (such as: temperature, humidity, vibration, rain, dust, air volume, etc.), test the degree of product tolerance to various environments, used for testing quality assurance, reliability assurance, to ensure and improve product quality, improve the credibility.Widely used in various industries such as electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, communications, hardware, aerospace, machinery, university laboratories, auto parts, motor, medical, chemical, sports equipment and other industries.

With many years of experience in environmental testing equipment manufacturing, Lituo Instruments can meet customers' requirements for simulating various environments. All products can be manufactured according to customers' requirements, and provide reliability testing equipment in line with international standards.

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