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Summarizes the tensile testing machine and its characteristics

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Tensile test machine, also known as universal testing machine, Universal testing machine is used for equipment for a variety of materails, static load, tension, compression, bending, chearing, tearing, peeling test the machanical properties test machines for urging used for plastic sheet, pipe, various physcial and mechanical properties of test profiles, plasttic film and rubber, wire and cable steel, glass fiber and other materials for the materail development for physcial testing, teching and research, quality control and other essential testing equipment, tensile testing machine fixture as instruments and important parts, different materails require different fixtures, also test can proceed smoothly and the level of accuracy of test results and important factor.

Test objects:

Servo testing machine is manyly used in metal and non-metallic materials testing, such as rubber plastic, wire and cable, optical fiber cable seat belts, seat belt, leather belt composite materials, plastic profiles, waterproof membrane, steel copper, profiles, spring steel, bearing stee, stainless steel, stainless steel(as well as other high-hardness steel) castings steel, steel, non-ferrous metal wire tension, compression, bending, shear, peel tear, extending two(need to reprovision extensometer meter)and other tests.


Imported photoeletric encoder displacement measurement, the controller uses the embedded single-chip microcomputer structure built powerful control softwear, set the measurement control, computing storage functors in one. will automatic calculation of stress elongation(need to add with extensiometers). tensile strength. automati statistical results, automatically record the maximum point, breaking point, force or elongation values. specified point. using computer test dynamic process and test curve display and data processing. after the end of the trial by the graphics processing module ampification curve re-analysis of data editing. and printing reports, product performance reached the international advanced level.

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