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How does formaldehyde disappear?

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Method 1: Proper ventilation ventilation is essential.

Frequent ventilation is effective in removing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, indoor bacteria, and odors from the air.

Especially after decorating, the early days ventilated is the most effective method.

However ventilated time is more long, formaldehyde is volatilized ceaselessly again release, so rely on ventilated alone cannot achieve the effect.


Method 2: Activated carbon or Mayan blue and other products were used to remove formaldehyde by physical adsorption.

It should be noted that the activated carbon needs to be frequently dried and replaced in the process of use, compared with Maya blue will save a lot of time.

It's best to buy products with vacuum packaging.


Method 3: plant adsorption if indoor is not serious pollution, it is recommended to breed a few more plants indoors, such as chlorophyta, chlorophyta and other plants are good adsorption formaldehyde expert.

However, the adsorption area of plants is limited, so it can only play a supplementary role.


Method 4: Photocatalyst Photocatalyst is a fast and effective formaldehyde removal product.

But what should notice is different photocatalyst product has different use, for instance photocatalyst woodiness essential oil is special at floor, woodiness furniture, leather is divided formaldehyde nurse fluid to be able to be used at coriaceous sofa, car interior is acted the role of etc.

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