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Environment type testing machine maintenance secret

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Environment type testing machine maintenance secret

Lituo instruments of production environment testing machine since the market has been recognized and loved by the masses of customers, several kinds of common environment testing machine with hot and cold impact test box, high and low temperature test chamber, dust chamber, digital constant temperature water bath pot, constant temperature and humidity testing machine, enter type constant temperature and humidity test room, resistant to climatic test chamber, get wet in the rain test chamber, rapid temperature test chamber, salt spray testing machine, steam aging test machine, and so on.

As a matter of fact, we can not only guarantee the beautiful appearance of each detection equipment, but also give consideration to the intact, flexible and efficient operation of the equipment, which is our most basic initial intention, so that customers can feel at ease.

So there is a question that when the machine comes out of the factory, how should we use it properly and make the service life of the equipment longer through maintenance?

Xiaobian to share with you a more practical three points of The Environmental testing machine maintenance tips:

1. Put the equipment in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight or damp environment.

2. At the end of each test, cut off the battery and do not leave the device in a state of charged standby for a long time.

3. Regularly clean the dust on the equipment, record the use of the equipment, and consult professionals or manufacturers in case of failure

These are simple details that are often overlooked by us, but if we really do it, it will be a great benefit to our equipment itself, which will naturally improve our work efficiency.

About more environment testing machine maintenance knowledge you can call our customer service, Lituo instrument since its inception, has been relying on the quality and service to impress consumers, we produce each is strictly tested, welcome new and old customers to choose!

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