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JJ02BN Office Chair Backrest Durability Life Testing Machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Force control: precision motor + force sensor + computer control system
  • With power off memory and breakpoint shutdown function
  • Precision manual pressure regulating valve ensures the cylinder output force is stable and reliable
  • RPM speed display and continuous adjustment
  • Easy to operate

Product Details


This Chair comprehensive test machine is to simulate the human sitting on the chair and moving backwards. the purpose is to test the life of chair tilting mechanism, back strength and armrest strength.

This equipment is multi-functional test machine. can choose the motor output force or displacement.


ANSI/BIFMA X5 1 2017


The maximum output stroke is 600mm

The force is greater than 150kgs

Test plateform width: 1000mm

Dimension: 2100*1300*2000mm

Weight: 140kgs

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