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LT - WY12 Comprehensive performance testing machine for sanitary ceramics

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Work pressure:Pressure 0.05 ~ 0.9mpa
  • Hydraulic resolution:0.001 MPa
  • Time precision:0.1 seconds
  • The test medium:The normal temperature water
  • Hydraulic stability:± 0.05mpa (less than 0.5mpa), ± 0.1mpa (more than 0.5mpa)

Product Details

This machine is mainly used for testing the washing performance, sealing and flow rate of sanitary ceramic products, including toilet, squat toilet, urinal, face washer, body cleaner, scrubber and toilet flushing device.This machine adopts computer or PLC and corresponding test monitoring and recording program, and by PLC, water pump, weighing sensor and other components of the control system, the test program can run automatically. In the control program, the curve of test times and running parameters can be displayed and printed or exported to Excel or Word format.

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