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JJ32 Computer type mattress and sofa anti-ignition characteristics testing machine

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mattress and sofa anti-ignition characteristics testing instrument / material testing machine / temperature chamber

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • the computer control system, test time, test times and delay time can be set and recorded in the computer.With high intelligence, Guided menu operation, simple and intuitive characteristics, so that the test results more accurate.
  • Automatic ignition function (high voltage electronic fire)
  • PLC mode, all high-quality devices, to ensure the system high quality, high speed operation, with advanced.
  • Adopted into PLC+PID automatic control test process, is the most advanced, the most safe, the most reliable, the most convenient Control mode.Realize automatic detection
  • Simulate a match flame to accurately test the anti-ignition of upholstered furniture

Product Details

Product description

This machine simulates the ignition source of match flame and evaluates the anti-ignition characteristics of upholstered furniture.

Conform to the standard

Comform to GB 17927.1-2-2011 evaluation of flammability of upholstered mattresses and sofas -- part 1  and smoldering cigarettes and part 2 imitation match flame - related requirements of the standard.

Technical parameters

Simulate a match flame

A. Ignition source system: stainless steel combustion tube with an inner diameter of (8±0.1mm) and an inner diameter of (6.5±0.1mm) with a length of (200)

Two sets of ±5mm.

B. Hose: length shall be (2.5 ~ 3mm) and inner diameter shall be (7±1mm) connected to the stainless steel combustion tube.

C. Flow control system: includes a flow meter, spinner valve, switch valve and pressure regulating valve.

D. The flow rate is (45±2) m1/min, and the nominal output pressure provided by the system is 2.8kpa.

E. Timing range: 0-999s, which can display and record the time of continued or smoldering combustion, fabric cracking time and specimen extinguishing time respectively.

F. Test distance of igniter: 20-80 adjustable, with ignition mechanism for automatic movement and evacuation.

G. Flow measurement range: 10-100m1 /min.

2. Smoldering cigarettes

A. cigarette ignition source.

B. The cigarettes are cylindrical cigarettes with filter tips or without filter tips and ports, which meet the following requirements: Length: 60±5mm;Diameter: 8±0.5mm;Mass per unit length :(0.6±0.1) g/50mm.

C. Cigarette burning time :(12±3) min/50mm.

D. In the same type of cigarettes, each cigarette is in groups of 10. Take one cigarette randomly and measure it in the laboratory as follows

Burn up time: after the cigarette is pretreated according to 7.a, take out one stick and place it at 5mm and 55mm away from the ignition end

Mark.Insert the non-ignition end of the cigarette into a thin steel needle horizontally, no longer than 11mm.Ignition end according to 8.2

With fixed lighting, the test recorded how long it took the cigarette to burn between the two markers.

3. Laboratory: 2.5 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, 2.5 meters high, including ventilation duct.Made of stainless steel.

4. Observation window: one large observation window of tempered glass with SUS304 stainless steel around it.

5. Gas flow regulation: adjust the test gas flow to 45±2mL/min.

6. Timing: 0-99.99H/m/s arbitrary setting

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