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JJ29 Computerized national standard mattress comprehensive testing machine

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mattress rolling wheel test equipment / tensile test calculations / material strength test

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The equipment meets four test methods: pavement rolling durability test, soft and hard test, pad height test, edge pressing test.
  • Fully automatic test results can be achieved by computer control, and the two test modes are fully automatic operation and manual control with one click.
  • Data protection: automatically save when power is off (data can be saved automatically after power is off.
  • The software has the fatigue curve display during the rolling process of the roller, which can intuitively see the analysis of the compression fatigue of the mattress under the roller load.
  • Rolling test midpoint positioning, automatically find the midpoint of the mattress, no need manual operation again, PLC starting point positioning

Product Details

Main Functions

Mattress Rolling wheel test machine is a multi functional comperhensive test machine

A: Mattress hardness test

B: Mattress edge durability test

C: Pad heights variation detection after rolled to determine the  quality.


Mattress comprehensive or durability test is to simulate human sleep continuously rolling the pavment of the mattress with a certain freqency and load weight in order to test the mattress edge durability and long-term load bearing capacity.

Pavement soft and hard test is to test the hardness of the mattress.

This test machine is able to meet the requirements of various mattress manufacturers or testing center to determine the quality and service life of mattresses.

This pavement rolling machine is in strict accordance with the national standards for mechanical testing requirements.It is suitable for strong spring mattress, common spring mattress, foam mattress, brown fiber elastic mattress, etc.

Mattress testing machine in accordance with US stanard is also available in our factory. Feel free let us know if need more information.

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